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Go Beyond: Would you care enough to outperform yourself?

We work with young people who have willingness to dedicate their time to personal development and are mature enough to dig into their values and beliefs, vocation and life balance, combining it with acquisition of new professional skills.


Youth development program is built in order to empower young people to acquire leadership and professional skills in order to go beyond their limits.


Initiatives in the field of education and public health in order to improve the local communities and raise awareness about topics important to youth.

Our Supporters

Go Beyond can function thanks to the received support from various enterprises, organisations and other collaboration partners.

So What Does Development Program Include? We’ll Tell You!

The four day self development seminar addresses leadership theories and encourages participants to think about application of theories in their lives. During the four days together with trainers and other participants each individual designs personal development goals and formulates a personal development action plan.
The next step provides young people with an opportunity to experience teamwork while working on pressing social challenges for three months. In teams of five people participants together with partner institutions work on a project they have chosen, thus developing their critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and partnership skills. Examples of social projects already implemented by Go Beyond participants can be found here.
There is only one defining element of the final step of the program, which lasts for six months—an individual project. It is a genuine challenge to the participant. Apart from that, it can be anything. A business venture, a community project, an internship at a company… You name it! While pursuing a social or business project, participants are encouraged to reach their personal development goals and develop their entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills and adaptability to changes.
Our Mission
To empower young people to acquire leadership and professional skills in order to go beyond their limits.
Who Runs The Program?
Group of professionals with aspiring aims to improve leadership skills among youth, increase their competitiveness in the labor market, encourage more successful integration in the entrepreneurial environment and improve the quality of informal education in Latvia.
Participation Fee
Thanks to the support from various organizations participation fee amounts to 70 EUR for the 4 day personal development seminar and 25 EUR for each month of individual coaching (10 months in total).

Support We Provide Throughout The Program

  • Individual coaching (once a month) – support from ICF Latvia
  • Team coaching and individual mentoring (once a month) – throughout the different parts of projects
  • Monthly meetings with Go Beyond management team (in groups of 4 – 5 students) – to discuss the development of projects, identify challenges participants are facing and agree on the next steps for the next month
  • Monthly workshops
  • Open guest lectures
  • Informal activities

 I would not have started “Learn IT” without the support of Go Beyond. Go Beyond gave me the encouragement and guidance to change the mindset of an ordinary law student and turn an idea into reality!
Elīna Ingelande, University of Latvia
 When you are in your 20-ies it does not matter how knowledgeable, experienced or gifted you are. What matters the most is your initiative, determination, willingness to learn, your attitude towards people who you work with, and your dreams. Thanks to coaches, mentors and Go Beyond team we now dare to dream,  and dream big! 
Linda Sinka, Riga Business School
 To me Go Beyond means “Understand your dreams and gain the necessary skills to fulfill them.” My biggest thanks to Go Beyond is for encouraging me to follow the things I REALLY want to do, no matter what.  I also have to thank for the opportunity, for support, for knowledge, for trusting me, for positive example and for inspiration!
Krišs Kļaviņš, RISEBA
 Go Beyond is like a roadtrip. You kind of know where you are going and what kind of places you will visit. For sure you know you will have a great time and meet interesting people. But you can never predict the knowledge, the surprises and the emotions that you will experience. 
Linda Miķelsone, Riga Stradiņš University